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We are the Collaboration Catalyst

Destination Japan JapanJapan

Currently we are helping Governments, Nonprofits, Businesses to get high quality deals in Japan. We are officially representing International Government Entities, Business Chambers and Nonprofits in Japan.

Business Case Preparation

We help you to prepare your business case, project reports, financials as per the Japanese requirement criteria and then help you to present your case in Japanese language.

Representation Services in Japan

We represent the Government, Semi Government, Universities, Non-profits and Businesses in Japan as their official representative.

Deal Structuring

We help organizations in finding right partner through professional prospecting analytics and then help them to secure the desired collaboration.

Business Verticals of the Group


We have 30 people strong and spread across 4 countries in diverse business domains.

IT Consulting

We offer high quality project management and IT product management services for organizations.

Business Sustainability

We are committed to research on Climate Changes and Sustainable Developments and creating a global impact.

Healthcare Enablement

Our expert team is tirelessly researching on futuristic healthcare products and mapping them to the right market.

FMCG Export

Our Cashew nut plant NUTMAX in Kenya is producing high quality cashews for the Japanese and European market.

Japanese Translation

Our experts offers professional translation services of both generic and specialized documents in Japanese language.

HR Development

We are conducting HR training and development in International destinations and making the HR ready for the Japanese market.

Discuss your business case with us for Japan collaboration

We will provide end to end consulting services to help you achieve right partnership with Japanese companies